1. Joshua looks like a Sith Lord

  2. DiegoAD

    Stupid Pacey…

  3. The Pope

    “If I had a hood, I could hold it like this.”

  4. Stop looking at me dude. I’m just jacking off to your girlfriend!

  5. Frank Burns

    Jackson always starts to look a bit on edge when Fraulein Kruger rants about how Paris was so much more efficient during the occupation.

  6. kurgen99

    The fact that she is soccer fan makes her even hotter.
    German chicks are hot!

  7. Don Draper's Dad

    Why is Fred Armisen so upset? Diane Kruger’s sitting behind you, dude!

  8. More or less my reaction when Tim Howard went for that failed challenge yesterday, giving up the game-winning goal to Honduras. I don’t know what they’re watching, though.

  9. “Damn this arthritis!”

  10. Grafikman

    Where did he get that retro parka, from Walter?

  11. “Urban legends”, rebooted. This time, Joshua Jackson is the killer.

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