1. There is no Prince Charles, there is only Frank Garrett.

  2. “Toothpaste? What’s that?”

  3. Charles

    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder…

  4. St. Vincent Millay

    “Gin and Juice, my dear. Laid back, I got my mind on my money, and my money on my mind, be-yatch.”

  5. catapostrophe


  6. Looks like a glass of diced avocadoes or cig butts floating in their juices

  7. broduh jenner

    you know, he’s always at some hospital or government palace. but seriously can’t the guy make it to the dentist?!

  8. If it wasn’t for the whole “banging Camilla” thing, I’d trade places with this guy in a heartbeat.

  9. “I think I saw Camilla dragging her ass across the carpet in the foyer.”
    “Hee Hee,that’s funny!”
    “I’m not joking. Please get your wife.”

  10. I like to imagine he smells like butterscotch candies like any good grandpa.

  11. Good god a’mighty…Charles and I are about the same age. I hope I don’t look that bad.

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