1. Did she have to stitch two dresses together?

  2. A cow wearing leather is like feeding a pig bacon. It’s just not right…

  3. Cock Dr


  4. popwilleatitself

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  5. radadoon

    One day Kanye will wake up next to this woman with 10 foot hips and wonder,what the hell was I thinking….

  6. adamcagey

    Are you sure this is Kim Kardashian? It looks nothing like the photo she posted to twitter yesterday.

  7. amir

    Kim , your Spankx are showing!

  8. oldfool

    Now with Kung Fu Grip.

  9. Petey

    No wonder Kim’s been posting old pictures of herself when she was skinnier. Anything to convince oneself you weren’t always the cow you are today. Please please please let this trash family fade away.

  10. Speaking of Kardashian sisters with large breasts…

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