1. lily


  2. “Let me taste your drink for a second.”
    (puts roofie in drink)
    “Wow, that’s strong! Better be careful with that!”

  3. Sofia Vergara’s even sluttier sister?

  4. 2 parts Jenna Jameson, 1 part Carmen Electra, 100% porn-ready.

  5. mnsuperbee

    I can smell her musty underboob sweat from here. You know, the malodorous scent of an old hamburger doused in cheap, cotton-candy perfume. And that breath, the breath of a thousand homeless.

  6. I don’t know what picture the rest of you are looking at, cuz I think she’s a doll. Great hooters and pretty blue eyes. Maybe I need to up my meds.

  7. Google image search says ‘run of the mill porn chick’ is her consistent look.

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