1. Hammy

    Dear god, why would they shoot this woman in HDR.

  2. Paties or black silver dollars?

  3. She looks like Slash with straightened hair.

  4. Inner Retard

    Is this a promotion for Monsters, Inc. 2?

  5. Steven Tyler and David Lee Roth’s love child.

  6. Toe Jam

    The question is not “how much?” The question is, why would you ask?

  7. I’m now certain that the same plastic surgeon who did her face, also did her nipples.

    They rebuilt her. Everything works. But they had never seen a human. They had no guide for putting her back together.

    And that is why she has kneecaps on her boobs.

  8. Cock Dr

    It’s great to see a badly burned person who doesn’t let her scarring get her down and displays a lot of self confidence.

  9. Could somebody help me? Everything except my tires seem to have gone flat!

  10. satan My Master

    Holy Swollen Catfish face

  11. Why am I suddenly hungry for pepperoni?

  12. Feetsthss

    “You wanna know how I got these scars?”

  13. Vlad

    I think February 276, 2013 would be the only day she would look good on.

  14. smelling the desperation from here. and it’s godawful.

  15. logan

    “No, I am no Sheldon’s MeeMaw”

  16. Sara

    I’m supposed to believe that Janice Dickinson makes enough money to afford a three-year old Nissan Altima? RIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTTT.

  17. I’ve come to realize over the last couple of years that I just don’t give a fuck what’s happening with this…er…mmm…PERSON!

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