1. lily

    HIlary Duff looks great recently. Bravo on the weight loss. Her friend above…not so much…keep tanning and workin on those brow wrinkles

  2. I like where this is going.

  3. Never wear those glasses when you’re playing poker.

    Ha ha… “poke ‘er”.

  4. Quack quack quack.

  5. they look loke old Olsen twins.

  6. B&WMinstrel

    They do know they can breathe don’t they, they’re not under water?… Oh God! Break down the door!

  7. Perfect opportunity for a penis photobomb.

  8. george

    call her hilary duckface

  9. Kelly Clarkson? Reese Witherspoon? I give up.

  10. mnsuperbee

    Post a picture of yourself next to a fat chick to look thinner. Classic. Duff’s friend has it right.

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