1. “You know, Jenny … that puppet is actually covering my dick head.”

  2. “You okay Jon?”

    “What was in that drink CeeLo gave me?”

  3. Listen, there is nothing saying you can’t accessorize how you keep your member warm. Have fun with it.

  4. Super Freak

    Jon Hamm thought bubble…”Yeah, thats about right.”

  5. Jennifer: “Hmmmm…sweaty sock puppet wrangler or huge penised, billionaire celebrity. Who should I sleep with?”

  6. The Pope

    “Hey, didn’t you just shove that puppet down your pants?”

  7. sprub

    How you doin’ ?
    (And to the right, Chandler)

  8. Even that scarf can’t make him look gay. But the puppet definitely makes the other guy look gay.

  9. buzz

    Guess which two are getting laid tonight.

  10. If you’re happy and you know it, let your sock puppet show it….

  11. Swearin

    “Jenny, baby, darling….I’m thinking you, me and the puppet later tonight, yeah?”

  12. “Yer…*burp*…pretty fuckin’ cute. Hows about…*errrp*…you and me ditch this morgan…I mean moron an’ go get nekkid…*bwaaa*…in an alley somewhere?”

  13. (I’m not exactly sure, but) Jennifer Westfeldt is probably thee most fortunate, unattractive overrated girlfriend in our nation’s history.

    Jon Hamm’s overrated penis would probably come in second…

  14. El Masiso

    Why does he always bring his mom out on these photo ops?

  15. donkeylicks

    Jon’s puppetry skills come to light once you realize that both of his hands are wrapped around Jen and Steve in a group embrace

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