1. Cock Dr

    If that’s what a few decades in Jimmy Choos does to your feet I’m sticking with LL Bean clogs.

  2. View full size=NSFLunch

  3. What’s funny here is that she is leaving a Nordstrom launch for her new shoe line….ok, not really funny. But amusing in a “conquered and infected all the indigenous populations” kinda way.

  4. Jimmy Kimmel

    This is what happens when you de-hoof a horse. It should be expected.

  5. A woman’s hands and feet always reveal their age.

  6. Starbucks bag carrying girl looks cute.

  7. Don Draper's Dad

    And that’s when she realized she’d never get a career reboot via Quentin Tarantino …

  8. Hopefully she’s on her way to see the farrier.

  9. Its wonderful to see horses walking on two hoofs.

  10. crb

    I don’t care what the sign says, Northern Dancer does not hang out in that there feedstore, missy; and I ain’t gonna sire you neither, no matter how fancy your blankets and hooves!

  11. Gross feet aside, it looks like she’s wearing some kind of Halloween novelty rubber monster hand glove.

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