1. It looks like there is a pearl coming out of her vagina

  2. Heisenberg

    “You don’t need archeology to find this dinosaur bone, bitch!” *Barney smokes blue meth*

  3. Little Tongue

    So! This is what her face looks like!? Bring back the butt shots ASAP! (please?)

  4. It is Carnival time.

  5. Nice femoral triangle.

  6. crb

    You realize of course Maria Menounos, that many samba-girls in the Rio carnival wear, erm, howyousay,…


    [ok, let the Entire world start bracing itself, should she decide to take the suggestion. I'm not sure we can handle it, but I'm willing to die trying.]

  7. You can see by the way she’s dressed that it’s Carnival Time, and I want to celebrate by getting her out of that get-up.

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