1. Deacon Jones

    Perfect tits

  2. Don, I know you’d volunteer to wax those things with turtle wax so the water beads up on them like that. But I get to go first.

  3. Excellent photo composition. All tits, no face.

  4. Oh fish, you pageview whore. You know us too well…

  5. anonym

    nice tits. weird face

  6. White Zombie

    Milk does a body…goooooooo, all over my keyboard.

  7. Little Tongue

    “Hello! My name is Emily and I asked my surgeon to give me lips that look just like a diseased anus, to please you, fetishes aficionados of the world! Give me a call at 1 (800) SWA-LLOW for more info.”

  8. I want to lick her from head to toe.

  9. Jack Hoff

    Sweet, sweet, puppies

  10. Gin&Tonic

    Perfect shot, witch-nosed face ruins it otherwise

  11. The way she is opening her mouth, its like she knows what I want her to do while I fondle those sweet puppies….

  12. “My face is up here.”

  13. If anything fucked up Robin Thicke’s marriage, it was this woman, not the Bieber boy looking hillbilly.

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