1. Johnny P!

    “American Pie”.
    That’s it.
    Why does she still even register a blip on any sonar/radar?

  2. tom

    Where’s your husband Tara?

    • Johnny P!

      Tons of girls are known as that.
      Many of them get half-assed plastic surgery too.
      But you don’t see them on The Superficial, do ya?

      Nope, one “acting” gig in a film that was a “sleeper hit”, and
      she still crops up in the news.

      Waste of space.

    • The Brown Streak

      I’m right here, tom.

  3. Hey, she’s still alive! Good for her.

  4. LJ

    With all the alcohol and drugs that this one has ingested she looks in better health the Lindsay Lohan.

  5. Deacon Jones



  6. The Brown Streak

    She just won 2 SAG awards.

  7. Lita

    No way. That chick is way too good looking to be Tara Reid.

  8. Jen

    She actually looks decent here, as she has finally covered up her horrible body, so I will forgive the silver earrings, diamond necklace, and gold watch. Yuck, make up your mind.

  9. El Jefe

    Surprisingly not too bad looking.

  10. tlmck

    Nah. This is robo Tara. The real one is drying out somewhere.

  11. Cling clang

    She went from young hottie to mother of six without the kids.

  12. The TROOF

    I would STILL fuck this whore.

  13. boohoo

    she’s 36 years old and looks good for being a drunken whore

    Lindsay Lohan is 25 turning 26. Making Tara 10 years older


    The moral of the story: is better to be a drunker whore than a crackhead ho

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