1. Hipster Jesus.

  2. Sadly, I prefer his Vishnu-master-yoga look to his ambiguously-gay-biker look.

  3. Jill

    he defintiely got that shirt in the divorce.

  4. slippinx12

    Stop clowning his work uniform and let him get his money.

  5. kitty

    Gay Jebus.

  6. Colin

    Is that a fake torso underneath that shirt?

  7. i guess we know who got to keep the wardrobe.

  8. West Hollywood is its natural habitat.

  9. Ok, the time has come.

    Cage match between Russell Brand and Jared Leto, door welded shut. Two douches enter, but only one douche leaves. And that one we beat to death with folding chairs.

  10. Star Droppings

    Did he steal Christina Aguilera’s choker?

  11. “Why yes I was just trying on clothes with Weston Cage. How did you guess?”

  12. Does he and Gagme share the same wardrobe?

  13. Bonky

    Dressed like that and cruising West Hollywood. Now you know why Katy divorced him.

  14. Bigalkie

    The things that you see when you don’t have a gun!

  15. EricLr

    My leather pants say I’m cool, even if no one else does.

  16. journalschism

    Guess Katy lost the blouse in the divorce.

  17. Woah. Dandy, yes, but dude can rock a neckbeard.

  18. Chris

    My wife has those boots.

  19. George P Burdell

    I didn’t want Katy’s money. I only wanted her shirts.

  20. El Jefe

    Could he try any harder to look gay? Only rockstars can pull this shit off and he is the furthest thing from one.

  21. tlmck

    I thought this site did not show nipples anymore?

  22. Hasn’t this fucker’s green card expired yet?

  23. Bionic_Crouton

    Russel Brand on “Take your herpes to work ” day

  24. Bionic_Crouton

    Is it “Take your herpes to work ” day already?

  25. Herbert Fordick

    Someone’s feeling especially masculine today.

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