1. Johnny P!

    quick breath check.
    “Damn, still smells like ass!”

  2. JPC

    That’s the angry look of a man who signed on to a movie based on the title, only to show up and realize he will not actually be inside someone named Llewyn.

  3. “JT here. I need a comb out. Like, right now.”

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    “Girly man one to girly man two. Over.”

  5. “Goddammit! This isn’t ‘Mountain Spring’ scented fabric softener.”

  6. “I still can’t get the Chasez smell out of it. That’s the last time I let him borrow my stuff.”

  7. EricLr

    They shunned me for the last time…tonight, I become the DARK SHADOW!

  8. He sniffed again, a mixture of pot, Biel, and denim. It reminded him of the good times, the days before the trenchcoat, before the beard, when the world was his oyster, and his dick was always in the box.

  9. Lissa

    Pssst, hello, can anyone hear me? I am in desperate need of rescue from a beast called Biel. She has me trapped on bad movie sets to support her shopping habits and won’t stop telling the press that I’m going to marry her! Please help me if you hear this, she can’t know I’m asking for help… Timber out.

  10. Mike

    Justin Timeberlake in another movie. Yay? :(

  11. The Brown Streak

    The full name of the movie is “Timberlake Inside Robert Llewyn and Warrick Davis’ Asses”

  12. I clicked on this because I thought it was Joshua Jackson. :( Oh well. I’ll take this. [la la la I am not hearing you say he's gay la la la]

  13. Joaquin ingles

    That’s some bad B.O. when you can smell it from your collar.

  14. Swearin

    “Command post, this is Alpha Dog, come in please. I brought sexy back, but then I lost it. Please advise, over.”

  15. El Jefe

    He is still desperately looking for talent anywhere he can.

  16. Pewpsock

    “I repeat, The Monkey is in the bread basket.”

  17. tlmck

    “Line! Dammit! Line!”

  18. So THAT’S what Turtle is up to.

  19. Warren Piece

    “…and sometimes… when I get real nervous… I stick my hands under my pits… and then I bring my hands up to my face… like this…. and then I [ssssssssnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiifffffffffffff]”

    I bet NO ONE gets that.

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