1. My finest creation! All 5 members of Aerosmith in a single body!

    • JC

      If that’s not in The Most Important People, then there is no justice in the world.

    • karlito

      when i saw the photo my first thought that Steve Tyler? my God, he really looks like shit. he must of have really tied one on the night before cause he looks like death warmed over…i mean, more than usual.

    • Lissa

      hilarious, along my thoughts exactly!

  2. “Never rent a hatchback,” she thought to herself,

  3. Johnny P!

    “What… the fuck.. did I do… with my life…?”

  4. oggie

    she has nice hair

  5. “I swear to god, ‘ll never fly Southwest again!”

  6. “Why…did I ask…for more cowbell?”

  7. Looks like someone is doing the walk of shame.

    Not her…whoever spent last night with that.

  8. Diavolo Washington

    death warmed over

  9. Darnell Jefferson

    Premature necrophilia

  10. Why didn’t I stop at Kelly Brook?

  11. Whoa. “Whitney Code Red” on Janice Dickinson.

  12. Elvira without makeup…huh…now we know.

  13. Bonky

    Somehow I am sure she looks like this is for a reality TV show or something equally stupid.

  14. Tuppy

    She could be Paula Abdul’s mother.

  15. EricLr

    Say what you want, but Dream On was a great song.

  16. journalschism

    Searching frantically for Terence Winter and a flapper outfit.

  17. Ali Lohan in 2 years

  18. Icelandic Les

    White Whitney beware!

  19. George P Burdell


  20. I imagine that this is what a walking scrotum looks like.

  21. El Jefe

    And still managed to outlive Whitney and Michael Jackson, wtf?

  22. You’d look like that, too, if you just flew in in the wheel well of 767.

  23. Pewpsock

    She just finished trying out as a zombie extra for the Walking Dead.

  24. tlmck

    Motherhood has taken it’s toll on Sandra Bullock.

  25. “Whichever of you thinks I’m still beautiful, raise your hand. Somebody? Anybody…? C’mon, don’t be shy…”

  26. Bionic_Crouton

    Don’t give her a dollar! She’ll just use it to buy booze!

  27. I was there

    I guess technically she really isn’t the first Super Model, oh well.

  28. Bigalkie

    Experience counts for a lot and this woman has that VERY experienced look. Oh and fuck y’all, I’m a super model.

  29. The TROOF

    I KNOW she smoked my last QP of weed. It was her!

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