1. E. Fudd

    fat guy in a little pair of glasses….

  2. So is he Waterboy in real life?

  3. “She got a star on the walk of fame? BUWAAHAHAHAHAHA… I had to see this for myself…”

  4. Jonah Hill just can’t keep the weight off, can he?

  5. “Yea, they’re giving me one for Jack and Jill, too…”

  6. Because it’s connected to Adam Sandler, the lump of chewed up food in his mouth just got a 20 million dollar project greenlit.

  7. “…yeah i KNOW! I could shit on a baby duck and people would pay to see it. It’s awesome!”

  8. It’s Adam Sandwich.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The first time I saw a packing peanut I knew there were people out there who were going to eat them

  10. EricLr

    I just hope this footage was preserved for an episode of “Hey, Remember the 90′s?”

  11. Did…. Did he EAT the star?

  12. Bonky

    Some chick pitching a movie idea to Adam Sandler. He gets all his ideas like this, standing in line at a food truck and talking to strangers.

  13. The Brown Streak

    Ooh! It Godziwa! Wun!

  14. Swearin

    The only star he’s ever going to get is a Famous Star from Carl’s Jr.

  15. Those are some pretty nice tits. No, seriously, lady… get out of the way.

  16. He’s actually applauding Burger King’s new Poutine with bacon.

  17. Adam only showed up because he thought it was the Carl’s Jr. star.

    • Upon further research it appears that I should have cited Swearin from three lines above.

      Swearin, “The only star he’s ever going to get is a Famous Star from Carl’s Jr,” In The Superficial (February 2012).

  18. tlmck

    “Bwahaha. Bitch paid $30k. I only paid $15k.”

  19. Holy Roller

    Fat fucking douche factor 9.8.

  20. Sliver

    While all the other jews in Hollywood (Seth Rogan, that Hill guy) are getting more holo-chic, this one’s putting on the weight. Erm…too soon?

  21. The TROOF

    Fatass hasbeen.

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