1. Wow she looks manlier than him…

  2. Man, it must suck being stalked by Death.

  3. Charlie Hodge

    I didn’t know Pauly Shore and The Situation had a love child.

  4. Cock Dr

    That has GOT to be the Gay Friend.

  5. You’ve arrived when Paul Rubens is your dog walker.

  6. “Excuse me sir, I can see you standing behind me and I would prefer you went about your business. Yes, I can see you. Yes, without moving my head.”

  7. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    The warm weather at the back of the picture is about to overtake the cold at the front. I’m calling for rain.

  8. Now is the time on Sprockettes when we jog.

  9. Clown Shoes

    Is that the guy from Spandau Ballet?

  10. Bigalkie

    Mom, I’ve arrived. I have my own gay dog walker.

  11. Deacon Jones

    “Did you bring the bags in case he poops?”

    “Oh I’m just going to eat it sweetheart”

  12. The Brown Streak

    One night with her and even Dwayne Johnson ends up playing for the other team.

  13. EricLr

    Amanda is pictured here with her bodyguard Every-Eurotrash-Club-Lizard-From-The-90′s Smith.

  14. George P Burdell

    She is paying homeless men to collect specimens and then she delivers them to the taxidermist alive.

  15. That guy’s seeing ass dog is totally getting it done.

  16. El Jefe

    He is definitely not appreciating those great boobs of hers, what a shame.

  17. Pewpsock

    Who’s walking who here?

  18. tlmck

    She has no interest in a live dog.

  19. Sciolio

    She has such a fucking hot body and pretty face but terrible fucking taste. She needs an intervention, and not just my tongue in her ass I mean other stuff too.

  20. Joaquin ingles

    Straight as Lombard street.

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