1. An abortion that escaped the bio-waste container.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    Actual size of the pair of lips Doug has selected for her.

  3. GLT

    Shauna Sand called. She wants her stripper heels back.

  4. Gin&Tonic

    question for the women-folk who go to this site: how the ‘f do you actually walk in shoes like that?! is it really as crazy hard as it looks?

    • jw

      Shoes like THAT… yes, it is. Normal people super high heels, not so much.

    • Cock Dr

      Those are the kind of shoes you wear while having sex. No need for balance…those fuckers are gonna be pointing towards the ceiling.

    • popwilleatitself

      Those are stripper heels. If you get used to them they are relatively easy to walk in, if your in your 20′s and willing to sell your ass.

    • I own about 10 pairs of super high heels. As the doc said – they are not for walking in. Mine have never left my bedroom, let alone my apartment.

      If you have ever watched a woman walk in them, you would notice that most of them do a fucked up baby step bounce like Peggy Bundy. It looks ridiculous.

    • Usually, if you’re going to wear shoes like that, you have the support of a stripper pole.

  5. She is just a sad mess. Poor little thing.

  6. VulvatheGreat

    If my vag fell off I can’t say I’d just carry it around like that. I’d probably just left her at home.

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