1. B&WMinstrel

    This always looks like a glimpse of the future when they’re serving you two for one cocktails

  2. chicka

    too bad the makeover only lasted two shakes…

  3. Cock Dr

    It’s the Roger Neal style for all you Beverly Hills trannies, escorts and strippers.

  4. I didn’t think it was possible to look worse than Lindsey Lohan, but she just proved me wrong

  5. John Travolta

    42 years old would be my guess.

  6. There is a great deal of slut going on here.

  7. She’s celebrating her 50th.

  8. Bullshit to you all. Everyone of you would fuck her if given the opportunity.

    • I’ll bet she’d be really attractive if she would do away with the platinum blonde hair, scrape off a bunch of that shitty makeup, stop dressing like a $5 street whore, and dump that ghoul she’s married to. As it is right now, she’s merely a caricature of a caricature.

  9. Raaaaaaaa

    hepatitis isn’t an airborne virus, right?

  10. Oh for fuck’s sake, not again.

  11. cc

    I think it would be fair to call this set of Stodden images as ‘a blizzard of slut’ in keeping with the season.

  12. tlmck

    New candidate for the worst final 5 ever.

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