1. Most of us go to Sweet Tomatoes…. This man looks to the cheerleader starting line..

  2. Cock Dr

    Three cheers for unabashed male heterosexuality.

  3. meeps!

    When did Crispin Glover become a Laker Girl…?

  4. Inner Retard

    Some say the day you stop looking you die. Case in point, Levitt vs. the guy behind him.

  5. If you solemnly swear to only look at the cheerleaders and totally ignore the game, do they give you a discount on the ticket price?

  6. yoop

    Baby got back – and beak.

  7. henry hill

    “God, I can’t wait to be a dirty old man.”

  8. He went home with all the women in this picture that night.

  9. If you pay full price for those court side seats, you’re allowed to sniff the cheerleaders’ asses, right?

  10. Crazy Luigi

    500 days of drooling

  11. “Had her, had her, need her, had her…”

  12. Best seats in the house!

  13. The Dark Knight Rises!

  14. Han Solo

    2nd from left needs to cut out the Carl’s Jr.

  15. “I fucked that one, I fucked that one, that one blew me, I fucked that one…”

  16. emersombiggins

    By the look of his eyes, that dude is holding some primo hashbuds.

  17. JamThong

    Check out the nose on that whore in front of him!

  18. icu

    He forgot the ‘Y’ with the ‘?” on his cap.

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