1. B&WMinstrel

    Of course he’s worried, Johnny Depp’s just gone off the reservation.

  2. I see he buys his own jewelry at the same place he got Katy’s ring.

  3. Cock Dr

    Maybe he has a PhD in cunnilingus.

  4. henry hill

    now to fill up this here mailbag and hit the trail up yonder to San Antone.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    No cowboy outfit is complete without Ray Bans.

  6. bewbs

    Scarf: “50 Shades of Douche”

  7. If you’re going to constantly wear a cowboy hat to cover a receding hairline you really need to make sure to pull it down lower on your forehead.

  8. Son of a…I would have sworn that was Kathy Bates. Damn.

  9. Yippee Kai Yay, Gay Johnny Depp!

  10. I hate this fucker. He’s banging my girl!

  11. Is he coming from or going to Brokeback mountain?

  12. It appears Katy has a ‘type.’

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