1. From left to right:
    “Dear CHRIST, not again! What’s with this old fucker?”
    “HUrummmmphhhhhhh…ploot. I think I might have just Rokered in my shorts”
    “This old fucker thinks he can just shit his pants in public…. how mildly amusing. Skinny Jeans and Cigarettes are where it’s at old man.”

  2. broduh jenner

    i thought joseph gordon levitt was at the basketball game?

  3. chicka

    I still would… try to slap that wink off his face :-D

  4. henry hill

    that IS unsual, mr. jones.

  5. kravdan

    He’s not winking, he’s having a stroke!

  6. Kurt Barlow

    Does anyone else smell burnt toast?

  7. Sorry, Tom, that *is* unusual.

  8. Tom Jones is pure awesomeness.

  9. “Not a goddamned thing is new, asshole, and stop calling me Pussycat!”

  10. I bet the portrait in his attack looks great about now.

  11. The only thing I approve of in this photo is the Killing Joke hoodie.

  12. The Sea Captain from the Simpsons cleans up nicely when he wants to.

  13. Awww hell NO. Back off of Tommy.

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