1. in-sideboob – always a special treat.

  2. karlito

    she looks like Emma Stone in this picture.

  3. DingDongImYourKingKong

    I’d hit that like a dentist on a British mouth.

  4. What an absolute doll. Hopefully all this exposure will give her career a boost to a point where she’ll stat doing some nudity. Otherwise, tell her to GTFO.

  5. She’s awesome. I have many fantasies about her and Vanessa going down on each other.

  6. lawn

    Those will be beanbags by the time she’s 27.

  7. Mike

    This girl is gorgeous, has nice breasts, and can act worth a shit. But Jennifer Lawrence has a dangerous lock on me, so… :.(

  8. The sous-fish

    I’m curious: is Spring Break a right of passage in Europe like it is here in America? Or are they banking on Europeans watching the movie solely for the T&A?

    • lillaliket

      no, at least not in Sweden! we do have hordes of teenagers going to cyprus and turkey in the week before they graduate college though, doing essentially the same thing as one would do at spring break. thing is, it’s nothing new for them, Swedes tend to get drunk and promiscuous on a regular basis.

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