1. He’s got a better rack than Callista Flockhart.

  2. L’Oreal Douche

  3. karlito

    thank God they haven’t invented smell-o-vision. this guy looks like a walking vaginal yeast infection.

  4. Joe

    Russell Gland

  5. meeps!

    Raise your hand if you’re… oh.

  6. henry hill

    which way to the Brit Awards, mate? I’m a tad bit tahdy.

  7. your mom

    Heroin makes you sweaty?

  8. Jeez, here I was just thinking he has evolved to walking upright, then I spied his filthy armpit discharge…can he be deported just for being generally disgusting?

  9. kitty

    Sweaty Jebus.

  10. The sweat stains are distracting from the bustline… .

  11. Damn, I want to F’ that chi—WHAT THE?!?

  12. cc

    I give you the new spokesman for Kleinerts

  13. Senor Trout

    Working a glory hole in West Hollywood is hard, hard work.

  14. Skeezix

    “Where is it?…My relevance? It was here not long ago…”

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