1. Good lord! I would do that raw dog.

  2. There is one less mystery in this world for me to see, for now I have gazed upon the Riddle of the Spanx.

  3. Cock Dr

    Bank your money CoCo. Don’t let hubby spend it all.
    It won’t be long before you hit a gravity wall that even the most skilled of plastic surgeons won’t be able to overcome.

  4. cutthecrap

    cuckoo for coco sluts?

  5. tinklepants

    “Fuck you, Kim Kardashian!”

  6. Koko

    This is where I poop

  7. Jack Ketch

    Gentle Jesus, I did not expect The Crap We Missed to be dominated by this phoney, annoying and talentless twit. How can you be so proud of tits and ass that are plastic ? Gross. The turtleneck makes it even worse, if that’s possible.

    • Reality

      Whats funny is that she actually has a multitude of successful businesses of her own. Shes got drive, passion, and the balls to do her own thing which is more than we can say about most of the colorful individuals wasting their day trying to post a witty comment on the superficial

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