1. it had to be said

    I feel like if she took her shades off she’d realize she wasn’t wearing pants.

  2. One of these is almost exposing their vagina. The other is Katie Price.

  3. Cock Dr


  4. So now this guy knows where his panties went.

  5. journalschism

    “Sure, go ahead and ruin ’90s Night,’ Little Miss Piss Diaper!”

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    I often thought of that myself. Now that the Olympics say you can have blades instead of legs how about putting on springs and going in for the high jump.

  7. She’s dating Taylor Lautner now?

  8. Deacon Jones

    I thought George Michael was gay?

  9. techman

    He looks like Ricky Martin version 2.0

  10. Is that the Rosetta Stone inked on her wrist?

  11. Bonky

    Geez, four drinks and the girl needs an entourage to help her get her home.

  12. cc

    She’s a cheap slut, but she’s a cheap slut see-through pants a thong…you’d think the guy would at least look.

  13. Shoulda gone with the vertical stripes, tubbo.

  14. Steelerchick

    Shouldn’t those things be under your clothes???

  15. “How about you people turn on some lights in this place!”

  16. So cod pieces are back in? Or is this just a drag thing?

  17. Bigalkie


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