1. Frunken

    I every single woman in hollywood going after Tebow?

  2. Snack pack

    “Hey mister picture guy. You’re getting this right? And it’s Kat Von Dee, not Dita Von Teese, but I totally understand the confusion.”

  3. Man, I never thought the zombie apocalypse would start like this…

  4. Nothing says class like a Jesus coffee table base.

  5. RobN

    I’m not even religious and that makes me uncomfortable.

  6. “This will look great holding my cat’s litterbox!”

  7. Pennsylvania Dutch

    That’s the most painful looking dildo I’ve ever seen.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Because you never know when you’ll run out of Jesus

  9. MoonBeam

    The power of Christ compels you!

  10. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Doesn’t matter how many Jesus’s you buy, you’re not convincing anyone those sores are stigmata.

  11. cc

    So, now matter how you set that thing down, some of the Jesuses (Jesi?) will be upside down? I don’t think that’s how the Romans did it.

  12. Lita

    What does SHE need with all of those Jesuses?

  13. Someone call the folks at the Merriam-Webster. I found the picture for “blasphemy”.

  14. jake

    guess jesse gave her an std and she’s hoping jesus will make it go away…its never going away

  15. Raoul

    “This’ll go great next to my crying Mohammed on velvet!”

  16. Jonas Grumby

    Must be helping Kim Kardashian set up a room for her bible study class. And God beheld the room, and the assembly, from the Heavens and uttered “damn, that’s skanky”.

  17. RyanN

    The trash taking out the trash.

  18. Bart Rubber Fandinkle Lester Holmes Malroy Shadyra Feinhorn Gerald Mattingly Feisenbackle Trusterwurf Bladerfunk Ebonsfield Jerome III


  19. tlmck

    The anti-Christ holding Christ. Nope. I see no potential problems here.

  20. Jesus wept. And Jesus wept. And Jesus wept. And Jesus wept. And Jesus wept. And Jesus wept.

  21. King Diamond

    So edgy! Maybe she should team up with Fat marilyn manson and trent reznor. They can all rip off Skinny Puppy and Alice Cooper some more together and shock us. Then all the sheep can praise them as geniuses and innovators.

  22. Contusion

    This comes right off page 127 of the Predictable Shit To Do If You Are Covered In Tats and Dye Your Hair Black handbook.

  23. Stewie Griffin

    Caption every Kat Von D photo with “Who Gives A Shit!”

  24. On the other hand, it IS somewhat unique!

  25. Mamamia

    If she keeps effing with Jesus, she’ll likely have another “Jessie” episode.

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