1. it had to be said

    And now we know where the stolen hams went.

  2. jake

    forgot to put on my butt lifting panties today…damn

  3. I’d hate to be her dry cleaner – half of that dress is stuck in her ass crack.

  4. journalschism

    Kim Kardashian soon to sued by the letter “W.”

  5. She was probably wondering why people kept shouting “Hey Asshole.”

  6. I’ve seen grandma’s with less spread

  7. Drug mule… I mean donkey…

  8. The Pope

    Kim was talking out of her ass again when the paparazzi caught her just as she inhaled.

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Cannot unthink…. Plunging Waistline. Uuuuh

  10. Nice Bra straps.

  11. The Brown Streak

    Lego Kardashian?

  12. ktulu

    She must have to in there up to the elbow to wipe that ass

  13. brit

    Baby got back. And shoulder.

  14. AnnaDraconida

    I see huge asses every time I leave the house. This could be anybody.

  15. Shouldn’t this section be called, “The Crap We Didn’t Miss?”

  16. cc

    Shouldn’t the caption be ‘Kim Kardashian on Miami’?

  17. Ugly ass skirt.

    You decide where to put the hyphen.

  18. Mike701

    Apparently the Cuban refugees she was smuggling out of Miami under her skirt got a little hungry and ate some Carne ASSada

  19. bassackward

    This is what happens when all the jizz she’s collected in that ass shifts to one side…..

  20. It’s a little late but Kim’s ass has finally flown south for the winter.

  21. smoke

    Surprised her mom hasn’t rented that thing out as a billboard.

  22. Ell

    Blue Moooooon…

  23. Stewie Griffin

    You’re going to need to open that car door a little more or Hell with it just rip it off the hinges.

  24. Maria Flores

    You’d think a woman with the amount of money she has would buy an appropriate bra to wear under he tank top! So tacky! Oh and her butt is lopsided guess she forgot to pump up one side! Gees that azz will be hitting the sidewalks pretty soon!

  25. Snark Chick

    Looks like all the fat she had pumped into her ass with that Brazilian Butt Lift migrated north to fill up her empty head!

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