1. Jill_Ess

    Who is this person and why does her hideous face continue to show up on this blog?

  2. She looks like a drawing from the rejected Dr. Suess book “Horton Hears a Famewhore.”

  3. “Thirsty, boob? You look thirsty.”

  4. yeahright

    this bitch

  5. She looks like someone drew an ugly face on a thumb. with fake tits.

  6. rantatonne

    I wonder if she and the horde of ‘glamor models’ are part of the same Never-Nude support group as Tobias F√ľnke?

  7. cc

    Pull that hat lower Phoebe…lowerrrrrr…, loweerrrrrrrrrrrr.

  8. Sheppy

    Still the opposite of pretty.

  9. Worst Busts in History:
    1) Ryan Leaf
    2) Off-the-Marcus Russell
    3) Phoebe Price

  10. Kikidee

    Lay off of her. It can be easy to have been born under the same curse as Penelope. and unless she can find someone to love her just like she is… oh well, I guess she better gets used to her pig snout.

  11. Kikidee

    That’s supposed to be “can’t be”, of course. Never mind.

  12. Steelerchick


  13. Not even cleavage can save this pic!

  14. Bigalkie

    Jackie Stallone!!! I haven’t seen you in a hundred years!

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