1. it had to be said

    Tina Fey is looking sexxxxyyyyy.

  2. “The answer is tits.”

  3. cutthecrap

    incredibly overrated, she is fug

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Thankfully actions aren’t always louder than words or you’d never be able to tell a mime to fuck off

  5. cc

    What Brooke Shields skin used to look like (ed note: see previous comment).

  6. slj104

    I’d really like to know what the infatuation is with Ashley Greene…she’s a mediocre actress in horrible movie(s) and she’s decent looking, but these celeb blog sites have made her seem like she’s a julia roberts

  7. Marketing

    Publicists run the entertainment industry now.

  8. “What? No! NOOOOO! It’s too soon, Death! I still have three years left on—oh, you just want my autograph? Oh, okay.”

  9. I really like this woman…she has a great body, and a lovely smile and…ummmm…who the hell is this?

  10. vgirl

    Atleast she’s not losing her breasts but it’s obvious she’s been starving herself now that she’s the Face for DKNY.

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