1. EricLr

    Does Kristen Stewart *live* in a period piece?

  2. userofalltrades

    In puppetry 101 you learn to shove your hand up the ass of the wooden puppet for best results. As you can see here, this is an example of how not to do it.

  3. “I’m cuckoo for London props!”

  4. What people won’t do for a free scone.

  5. hah..kristen stewart..acting in a…


    are those titties? Where did those titties come from?!!

  6. Swearin

    So Satan is a redheaded woman and is claiming a photo op as a part of the bargain for getting K Stew into movies? Interesting.

  7. JC

    In today’s acting master class, Ms. Stewart will force you to push your boundaries by mixing her patented “barely conscious apathy” with just a hint of “bitchily amused.”

    • Jonas Grumby

      Damn, all I can manage is pothead teenage angst. Maybe if I beadazzle my chest and stand out in the sun she will give me a passing shrug of indifference.

  8. brit

    If you’re going to go as Princess Leia, you can’t get away with a 1 piece.

  9. cc

    Kristem Stewart in the remake of ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’.

  10. lily

    cant stand K stewart…over rated in the looks and “talent” department. and one of the worst personalities in hollywood to boot.

  11. Nicki Vanaj

    She’s awesome. I love how all the snooki and Justin Bieber fans hate her. She fucking rocks. Best actress ever.

  12. vgirl

    I’m looking forward to this photoshoot. She looks hot. For all you non fashionista’s on here, which I am guessing is 99%. Ms. Stewart was in Paris doing a photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

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