1. it had to be said

    So, that guy in the background has his while hand/wrist in his pants I see. Now there are two of us.

  2. EricLr

    So, can I get a lap dance or what?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    It appears the waiter masturbated in their drinks.

    I’m willing to bet it wasn’t their last encounter with semen that night.

  4. They’re just like the rest of us – they sleep, eat, and put on their pants one leg at a time. Only difference is, they do it all with ginormous titties.

  5. Sure, they have big tits. But did they have to demand the entire wait staff sacrifice their penises as an offering on a plate? I don’t think so. Not at all…

  6. Cock Dr

    Big boobs are coming. Get ready.

  7. DeucePickle

    That’s fuckin’ classy !
    Even with the plate of bacon and cheddar chimichangas.

  8. catapostrophe

    Look at those egg rolls! YUM!

  9. Minky Wail

    Slow down girls, don’t blow that whole Lowrider check in one day.

  10. Swearin

    Clearly this is Vegas, or why else would they be showing two pairs?

  11. Nik


  12. rantatonne

    Eyes see thumbnail.
    Brain says “Don’t’ click, I bet you are going to click it but you really shouldn’t. Really why click that picture? Just do not click it!”
    Finger clicks on picture.
    Penis FTW, shame sets in.

  13. Deacon Jones

    If you Google image Jordan Carver you get enough tits to last you a couple days….great pics of her.

    Why didnt she replace Katie Couric on the evening news? I guarantee she wouldve gotten better ratings.

  14. The one on the left seems nice. The one on the right seems like a bit of a bitch…with a penis.

  15. brit

    What are the other two called?

  16. cc

    The two retards took a break from pillow fighting to replenish themselves.

  17. lily


  18. Comically, the “glamour models” were never able to see their meal past their giant phony tits. “Uh, yeah, yeah… the foie gras and truffles. Sure.”

  19. Jonas Grumby

    Kudos to the chef and wait staff for serving them vaguely phallic shaped food.

  20. Does the one on the left’s fingers look like hagraven claws to anyone else?

  21. Ur all fucked

    Bitches are nasty. Got hit by the fucking ugly stick. You all must be ugly freaks of nature if you think these monsters are attractive. What the fuck is wrong with you. These bitches are hurting.

  22. RHawk

    Raise your glass if you have a room temperature IQ.

  23. tlmck

    Sorry. My three of a kind beats your two pair.

  24. JD

    “Destiny Danger?”

    I guess if you go that ludicrously large with the bolt-ons, an equally ludicrous stripper name has to go with them.

  25. sooooooosuperficial

    Empty plates, empty heads, full glasses, bursting bras. What more could a man ask for?

  26. It’s when I see pictures like this that I marvel at nature, the universe, and how Our Creator has blessed these two women with such majestic implants!

  27. The didn’t bother giving them food since they can’t see their plates.

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