1. Adam

    Holy shit, she’s almost toned down to regular goth levels.

    Don’t fear though, Goth Clown shall return next week on a cloud of sorrow and misunderstanding.

  2. A little over-dressed for this occasion.

  3. Get her out of that dress before she smothers.

  4. Cock Dr

    Was much more interesting when semi nude and humping chubby fangrrls onstage.

  5. WTF? Was there a funeral?

  6. Didn’t recognize her without the electrical tape… and the horrid shrieking that passes for her signing.

  7. Bonky

    While she does look much better here, she still hates herself and everyone around her.

  8. Rooster

    Is that Valderrama back there with his eye on it?

  9. Dingle Dangle Rally Pally Jump In A Lake Bake Yourself A Cake

    Fuck. When is she legal so I can touch my Woo Loo Who while I look at pictures of her?

  10. tlmck

    You think she could afford better makeup than eye black.

  11. King Diamond

    She’s almost as dark, scary and mysterious as that Marline Manson dude.

  12. Clown Shoes

    Who knew that she would turn into the Grinch.

  13. Dude, I’m like, mature-edgy now, get it?

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