1. The jokes write themselves.

    • crb

      Those clothes are a little to tight on her.

      Shouldn’t she just wear a Moo-Moo?

    • crb

      “Shamu said if I could just keester his stash for abit, I could have all the Scooby-Snax I want. Now if I can just make it from Orlando to San Diego. GGNNNNGGGHHHH! -Oh who am I kidding? I got this!”

  2. in black and white all I can see is Shamu

  3. anonymous

    That’s a LOT of leather to cover her bottom half.

    I bet those happy cows in California are so happy now.

  4. Randal

    mooo moooooo fucking hell MOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. She’s a female version of Buffalo Bill – she’s dealing with years of systematic abuse by skinning cows to make a cow suit in hopes of transforming into a more desirable state.
    She’s going to need a bigger cow.

  6. CK

    Would it be so hard to wear a fucking loose, flowing dress?

  7. Cock Dr


  8. ben dover

    From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned whale.

  9. Robb7

    This cunt wears costumes, not clothes.

  10. well, at least they found the source of the contaminated meat from last week.

  11. Gin&Tonic

    Ugly bitch is getting fat again

  12. Fancy Face

    It’s like “Silence of the Moooooo”

  13. So many cute little cows lost there lives in the making of this picture. *sniff* Moo.

  14. Look at the Tranny with the woody….

  15. tlmck

    That boner explains why she is with Kanye.

  16. So they killed 15 cows to get enough leather to cover one cow’s ass.

  17. There was a time when I would have still thought about fucking her. But now I’m afraid that “Kanye West” is just the common name of an obscure venereal disease.

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