1. Have to love the look of a girl that says yes I put out….

  2. Randal

    she is so ugly!!! They call that a model?

  3. They had a fashion show in some back alley ?

  4. kafak

    There’s something that is just off-putting about her face.

    Oh right, it’s not her ass.

  5. The building behind her is the famous New York Public Library on 42nd Street. This photograph marks the closest she has ever been to a library.

  6. She looks great. She always looks like she’s down to fuck.

  7. crb

    Stop squinting at me, who are you, Rumer Willis?

  8. Little Tongue

    There’s snow on the ground, it’s freezing outside, but I’m wearing my little short dress like it’s Miami in the summer. I must really, really want to show myself off! Oh! Silly me!

  9. AC

    I really think that boning her would be terrifying. The genetics are like, 98% Basinger, but you KNOW she’d go full Baldwin at just the wrong moment.

  10. waynemoores

    AC: apparently Kim was/is a bigger nut job than Alec and always has been. It’s a wonder the kid isn’t an axe murderer.

  11. Hurry! Run! Your Dad is coming!

  12. She’s really not a pretty girl when clothed. Not ugly, but definitely closer to average when stripped of her parental fame.

  13. The dumpster in the background is fitting…

  14. I don’t know what you other people have been drinking, but I think she’s pretty. And fer fuck sake, look at those legs!

  15. Here she looks like her rude, thoughtless little pig dad.

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