1. BlackManUSA

    There’s always a white man saying it all with his eyes…

  2. Oggle them and they will come.

  3. Staring at the cleavage and playing with your pud through your pocket? The man is a pro.

  4. journalschism

    Sings to himself: “Everything I do, I do it for these boobs.”

  5. Slappy Magoo

    She whips out her sweater puppies you silently play pocket pool and screw subtlety. THAT’S the CHICAGO way!

  6. My eyes are up here…but yeah, that’s my talent

  7. Ken

    “I can see my reflection in my shoe.”

  8. “Damn, I just lost my gum down there..”

  9. word up

    “Look at dem tig ol’ bitties”

  10. fred

    “No, no everybody. You misunderstand. I’m not looking at her tits. I’m hiding my adam’s apple. Turns out Bruce Jenner was on to something.”

  11. fred

    “No, no. You misunderstand everybody. I wasn’t looking at her tits. I’m was hiding my adam’s apple. Yeah, it turns out Bruce Jenner was on to something.”

  12. “C’mon, girl, smush those puppies in here tighter…there ya go!”

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