1. The Pope

    Somewhere out there, Karlie Kloss is wondering if “Single White Female”-ing is a thing.

  2. joe

    Another week, another new set of tits.

  3. When did she get implants?

  4. Gin&Tonic

    Not even the transparent shirt and loincloth-inspired skirt can’t save how incredibly boring she is.

  5. Skronk

    Short hair, eh? What’s next? Less than 10 pounds of makeup?

  6. I can’t believe they let her fly with that deadly weapon.

  7. malaka

    remember how they finally get to hyman roth at
    the end of godfather II ?

  8. She is so damned self-centered she didn’t even go bra-less just to give us old guys a thrill…???

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