1. Anti-semitism never looked so cool.

  2. ben dover

    even with the beard and stash you are still an asshole

  3. Nice smile. Obviously the pap didn’t look Jewish.

  4. Ready to sling that dick!

  5. ben dover

    looks like that guy from ass monkey garage

    • PediPope

      You mean the partner of the guy that irons his beard.
      I watched them sell a rusty shit 1965 rambler for $30k.
      No no, Reality shows are rigged and scripted at all….

  6. crb

    Well to be fair, many non-Gentiles are vehemently anti-Gentile.

    Even The Talmud tells them to be so.

    And wasn’t the theft of Palestine from all the natives a type of holocaust of its own? 60% of the native populace chucked out of their homes and businesses into refugee camps by the 40% who got the papers signed by Truman?

    • malaka

      sure, that’s a perfectly legitimate reason to hate millions of people who had absolutely nothing to do with whatever version of history you are talking about.
      lets give credence to the kind of backwards prejudice logic that helps to propagate genocide.

  7. “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I … uh, who am I kidding? I always drink beer. Stay Christian, my friends.”

  8. Odbarc

    He looks like the father of Borat.
    Holocaust? Very nice.

  9. journalschism

    Mel will sell you Cheetos now.

  10. Hollywood Mel is cool with the Jews

  11. I am Mel Gibsahn and I have been to Jamaica mahn.

  12. Free_Speech

    It ain’t easy, bein’ cheesy!

    -Chester Cheeta

  13. I NEED A WOMAN!!

  14. “Mel Gibson!!! If I’d known you were coming I’d have baked a kike.”

  15. Margaret

    looking good for a psycho

  16. Little Tongue

    If this guy and Rumor Willis had a baby, the poor kid would end up with a diving board for a chin. Guess it could serve some purpose, though, such as a launching platform for a space mission.

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