1. That’s not going to end well.

    • crb

      True. Her cracking a smile can only mean evil’s afoot, and about to launch Jimmy off that swingset right onto the 405.

      Strike that; -not smiling. This is clearly the start of maniacal Dr. Evil-style laughter.

  2. Think I have figured it out between her and the child only one of them can show a happy emotion at the same time and the other has to have the hate the world emotion….

  3. “This time, remember to stick the landing.”

  4. cmonreally

    “Well, dropping you on the head didn’t work the last time we were on a swing together, let’s see if throwing you would do the trick…”

  5. maoix

    What? We…uh…all had a 1000-yard stare at that age, right?

  6. cunty spunkfuckshitpiss

    These photos must come cheap. Every day, same ol’ shit.

  7. coljack

    “Oh what a fun day! What…what is happening to my face? Why are my lips curling upwards? OUCH! Great – I just strained a cheek muscle.”

  8. Are we done trying to make those paps think you love me yet, Mom? I’m getting a stomach ache…

  9. sprub

    That’s not her… she’s “smiling”!

  10. Okay, when we get to the top, let go!

  11. Gin&Tonic

    Glad to see the kid looking like he’s having such a great time with his mom

  12. charlesatlas

    She always looks so warm and friendly. I am stunned she isnt surrounded by admirers.

  13. Not shown, next picture. Boy face down in the sand.

  14. Johnny Barbells

    …ah, now i see what happened …this is why half the country is under 2 feet of snow.

  15. Damian, the demon-child, looking straight through your soul as you hastily attempt to click the next picture.

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