1. quickrick

    when did those grow out??

  2. ben dover

    nice titties

  3. Mmmm. She looks good. When did she get tits?

  4. ThisWillHurt

    Ah, so THAT’S what she did with her Twilight money.

  5. Urbanspaceman

    Girls her age shouldn’t get breast implants no matter how strenuously their mother permits it.

    • yupp

      She is 18. If she were to get implants, her parents’ opinions, would be irrelevent. And I don’t think the adverb “strenously” really works w/ a passive verb like “permit.”

  6. Odbarc

    When am I going to see her naked, dammit! She’s been 18 for a while now, hasn’t she? Where’s this movie she fucks somebody at?

  7. mike

    “Yes, first class from Paris to Los Angeles. That’s P-O-L-A-N-S-K-I.”

  8. She grew up…She filled out.

  9. It’s called a push up bra you dumb asses.

    • Well there has to be something there for the bra to push.

      • Push up bras can have significant padding. Looking at the outline of her right breast (on your left), I’d say she’s wearing a push up. I’m guessing that if she got implants recently her breasts wouldn’t “mound” like that. She’s probably got nice firm B’s, but IMO that top probably looks better filled out like that. Oh, and she has a lovely face.

  10. Mooby

    Time for a visit to South Dakota

  11. Regis Philbin just had a coronary

  12. Vegansux

    Well played, Dakota Fanning’s pituitary gland, well played.

  13. Pedobear

    Too old. >.>

  14. fred

    When did she ‘develop’ into such a ‘well-rounded’ actor with such a work ethic like a suicide ‘bomber’ . . . screw it. Nice tits.

  15. Johnny Barbells

    …she’s no abigail breslin.

  16. She didn’t have those tits five months back (look up her pics at Paris Fashion Week in October) so definite implants. She’s dating a 30+ guy, probably trying to keep him interested.

  17. mikeJ

    i wish you could see more of her armpit

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