1. Damn you, Pharell! Oooh nipples.

  2. Even on a bad day, London still got the best of the pop tart exchange with LAX.

  3. waynemoores

    I see it’s a little chilly over in the old country as well as here in the colonies. Blimey!

  4. “Don’t worry about the London Fog, I turned my lights on!”

  5. Oh look, its Hop A Long Shitty Music!

  6. I wonder what lucky TSA agent got to pat her down…

  7. She legally had her name changed to her stage name, “Ora.” It was shortened from her Native American name, “Oral.”

  8. The Most Interesting Black Man In The World

    Blackest looking white chick in the business today. She’s actually Yugoslavia or something like that. Loves black men though.

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