1. Thank you! Thank you very much! Please leave your uneaten food by the exit!

  2. Fat guy in a little coat…..

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I really didn’t need to see her pre-performance snack.

  4. cc

    ‘Three cheers for Hostess!’

  5. Dani

    Best comments ever. Except for this one.

  6. dotmatrix

    Get the plunger ready.

  7. This is the only Hooters shirt I want to see her in.

  8. Outspoken

    When is she just going to admit that she is gay?

  9. Blech

    It’s as if her digestive system has a memorial dedicated to an owl on it.

  10. Snack pack

    Is that owl screaming with her, or just taking a dump?

  11. squishy

    Two words…..KFC Buffet…

  12. SIN

    Don’t care how big she is. I will take her any time she wants, where ever she wants.

  13. “I’d like to thank Liza Minneli for the cool jacket! Thank you, Liza! Also, let’s hear it for craft services!!”

  14. cc

    The Great Horned Owl appears to be about to descend on a small furry … rodent.

  15. breetai3

    HOOHOO HOO knows where the nearest In N Out Burger is?

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