1. “Does this 10 pound sack of M&M’s make my ass look big?”

  2. Cock Dr

    Actually, when you shave and dress a wookie just right, at certain angles it can pass for a shapely giantess.

  3. The Superficial Presents: Shoppin’ with the Sasquatch. In other RELEVANT news….

  4. The Brown Streak

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the true source of the ozone layer depletion.

  5. cc

    Yes, I’d like to order your custom jeans please? 40″ around the waist, 52″ around the hips, and a 24″ inseam. Pardon me, are you laughing?

  6. Uncle Phil

    I keep wating for her to yell “Death by Snu-Snu” at Frye.

  7. BAHAH

    I feel bad for Khloe. She got all the bad genes, yet she’s the only one that seems to have a soul in the Kuntrashian family.

    • !@#

      @Bahah, I agree. Yes, it’s easy to make fun of this beast…but she seems like the only decent Kardashian. Lets focus on that bitch mother and that empty piece of shit Kim!

    • Venom

      Soul my ass, she is nothing but a gold digging piece of shit. She went around dating pro athlete after pro athlete until she found one stupid enough to marry her fat ass after only a few months. I guarantee that sea cow has been desperately trying to get pregnant since day one, but the only one that can get pregnant seems to be the one married to the deadbeat.

      • She’s both a gold digger & a feeler. The rest of them are just indifferent gold diggers. That both sets her apart, yet makes her one of them at the same time.

      • BAHAH

        I’ve never heard of her dating anyone (just looking at her you can tell why). But at least she seems a BIT more grounded than the rest – I’m not saying she’s an innocent saint among the rest of the Kartrashians, she just comes off more realistic than the rest.

      • BAHAH

        What I said to Dorian Gray (I messed up the replies lol)

  8. dotmatrix

    Can’t see her face. It could be anyone. . . no, wait, that’s Khloe, all right.

  9. JP-A!

    Millions and millions of dollars and the Kards don’t have mirrors in their houses? Or is Khloe banned from using them?

  10. tlmck

    It’s OK folks. The sun will come back out in a minute.

  11. I kinda (ok, more like really) want to see what even half the posters on this site look like in comparison to how harsh they are with judging celebrity appearances. i bet it would be pretty damn ironic to see their aesthetics juxtaposed with those they are dissing…….just sayin’

    • Why is this sentiment consistently reposted on this site? Not just half, but (no doubt) all the posters on this site don’t seek to become celebrities by courting the spotlight of the public’s gaze. The very nature of this site is to take pot shots at those whose degree of narcissism fuels them to do exactly that. So there’s no hypocrisy going here, which undermines the sentiment posted, on this particular occasion, by ‘Kaylee’. When does it get through that this sentiment is baseless. Who cares what the aesthetics of posters here are? We could all be 400 pound couch potatoes, we’re not the ones courting the spotlight, therefore we’re not the ones putting our sense of self importance out there to be dissected.

  12. TyroneBiggums

    Thundercats are on the move…………..Thundercats are loose………..

  13. catapostrophe


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