1. userofalltrades

    Jesus fucking christ, how does this ‘woman’ get work?

  2. Just what I suspected this movie to be: A dog and pony show…

  3. brownchickenbrowncow

    Her face is melting off.

  4. Vince Lombardi

    The next Samsonite spokesmodel, folks.

  5. Manthou Artdust

    Lookin’ better, Donatella Versace.

  6. Why do they always give horses long names like that?

  7. Any Guy

    fuck. i mean, fuck. i dare ANYONE to look at her eyesacks with the ‘zoom’ feature.

  8. Uncle Phil

    Does anyone wonder why Ferris Bueller switched teams?

  9. I’m willing to wager that Matthew Broderick’s scrotum has fewer wrinkles than this.

  10. gigi

    a-mok a-mok a-mok!! yikes….

  11. BAHAH

    I always thought she was the most annoying one on SATC. And I always wondered why guys got with her. Well, it’s scripted and they get paid for pretending, so there you go…

  12. She won’t be smiling once I call the knackery…

  13. cc

    Will that be Western or English saddle ma’am?

  14. Venom

    Proof that Broderick is gay, because come on, who the hell could look at that every morning if you really liked women?

  15. Cookie

    Garnier stock just went through the floor.

  16. Evil Dick Tater

    It’s not her fault, they didn’t photograph her on her good side, which is to say the good side of the year 2000.

  17. AnnaDraconida

    Good to see she’s doing fine. I was kinda worried, seeing that carriage horses keep collapsing in Central Park nowadays

  18. Time to make some glue.

  19. JP-A!

    S.J.P. (Saddles Johdpurs Polo) smiles bravely, knowing she’s on her way to the glue factory. You should never name them, ’cause then they have a soul.

  20. I mean, I guess I liked him better than Simon or Paula but it just seemed like he liked EVERYBODY’S singing, and he kept hitting on the 16-year-olds..

  21. TurboZinger

    Iggy Pop is looking refreshed these days!

  22. Outspoken

    Imagine how many hours/days it takes to photoshop out those wrinkles. Not a job I would want

  23. Dinosaurland

    When your head starts to look like a paper mache project, it’s time to rethink your position on botox.

  24. Contusion

    No wonder Matthew Broderick hangs out with Nathan Lane so much.

  25. I’ve always wonders if she just raises her tail and pees standing up.

  26. CK

    (smiling through the disbelief) “What do you mean there won’t be a new SitC movie??”

  27. celebutard

    Screw the cancer, stroke and death warnings, they should put this face on cigarette packs to deter people from smoking.

  28. King Diamond

    AND she’s wearing makeup. Yikes!

  29. Mr Obvious

    It’s time for the Kentucky Derby already?

  30. BAHAH

    Hey, Sarah Jessica Parker, what’s with the looooooooooong face?

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