1. Oh Jesus Christ!

  2. White man always ripping of the black man’s style. Next whitey will be taking jazz.

  3. Trolling a little douche in real life… Priceless…

  4. Why does this offend my crotchety old-ness so much? I mean, I’m still pretty cool, I can break out a proper macarena when I need to.

  5. Obviously fraternal twins.

  6. Dave

    Every picture I see of him, he has the same facial expression.

  7. Johnny P!

    If Will Smith was my dad, I’d look perpetually underwhelmed too.

  8. Bishop

    Animal print pants and backpack?
    Are you sure this isn’t Willow Smith?

  9. meeps!

    That’s what they meant by “White Shadow”…?

  10. mrsmass

    asshole uniform of some sort?

  11. all kinds of sadness in this photo….

  12. sexyman48

    Jewish bodyguards, now I’ve seen everything.

  13. Jentilly

    Can’t wait to see what this kid looks like when he discovers Botox

  14. Moo Cow Hunter

    This is a messed up situation only Doc Brown could solve by going back in time and kicking Will Smith in the balls just before he was to climb on Jada.

  15. jd

    I just want to smash this kid in the face. Instant visceral hatred.

  16. I weep for the future… again. Or still? I’m not sure.

  17. Phoenix

    Obviously, Will pays those guys to hover around him at all times, in an effort to keep him from looking like the douchiest guy in the room.

    Mission: Unaccomplished.

  18. Pfft…Jaden was douching long before it was cool.

  19. Smapdi

    Now we all know the secret symbol of the Illuminati Junior Douchebag Brotherhood!

  20. EricLr

    The Pied Piper of Douchedom.

  21. cc

    If there was a way to make this trio look douchier, I can’t think of it.

  22. Buddy The Elf

    “Oh, damn. How did they notice me with my zebra-print Zubaz and bright red headphones!? DAMN PAPS.”

  23. Mary Feeney

    Entrepreneurs take note: Why spend the money to manufacture high quality headphones – or anything – when you can spend considerably less to manufacture headphones – or anything – that will sell because of branding and image?

  24. Everytime I see this little asshole’s face, I get pissed. Does he know any other expression? I want to curb stomp his bitch ass.

  25. Can he NOT dress like a douche just once?

  26. “Mr. Smith, Ms. Pinkett Smith, we don’t think these death threats against your son are very credible. In all likelihood, it’s probably just some crank looking to get attention. But we’ll keep a bodyguard on him, just in case. In fact, we’ll dress the bodyguard up in the same clothes as your son, have him wear headphones like your son always has on, even have him mimic your son’s facial expression. So if your son is being followed, there’s a good chance the stalker will get confused and go after the bodyguard instead. It’s a pretty well-established plan of action.”

  27. I caught Letterman one night when Will was on, Dave totally called him out on this kids stupid ass facial expression that he’s always posing. Will says ‘oh I told him don’t do that but he doesn’t listen to me’. I totally love Letterman for that shit tho.

  28. Little Tongue

    Douche and doucher.

  29. Bigalkie

    Are they starting The Homosexual Grunge movement in LA?

  30. Bionic_Crouton

    I have to ask… Is the correct term for this ‘parade of pricks’ or a ‘clan of cocksuckers’?

  31. zomgbie

    he has his own backup dancers?

  32. AnnaD.

    Body doubles. You’re doing it… almost right.

  33. Think he’s listening to “Whip My Hair”?

  34. What the?! Did the shit-head factory just close down for the night?

  35. He even has his own doucheterage now?

  36. Vlad

    Wow, that’s the look of someone whose ass cherry was popped…not Jaden, the “dude” behind him without the beard

  37. Feeble Farceur

    Jaden Smith on the set of Douche and Douchier; “the true life story of Jaden Smith”

  38. El Jefe

    The other two just look like they want to kill themselves. I feel bad for the elf, I know it is hard for them to get jobs. At least Santa let him keep his socks.

  39. The coolness. It burns my eyes.

  40. Stewie

    There’s a plane that should have been flown into a fucking building.

  41. Joquin ingles

    They almost have targets on their shirts. Close enough.

  42. Martina

    They look like models for Hello Kitty

  43. bethy

    I’d be pissed, too, if my father hired the Pet Shop Boys to be my bodyguards…

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