1. catapostrophe

    Those look like “boyfriend jeans”–and it appears she’s started dating Gerard Depardieu.

  2. BP

    She looks like a Fat, Hispanic Jennifer Garner, oh wait Ben Affleck fucked them both…….

  3. Newton

    Just because I used to jerk off to her often I would still like to get up inside that ass of hers just to see what all the fuss was about.

  4. Frank Burns

    She’s very big down under! Get it, ’cause she’s got a big butt! Hahahaha! What, is there no audience here sophisticated geographical humor?

  5. cc

    Apparently she’s about to indulge in some serious drywalling.

  6. She’s a nasty, stuck up bitch.

  7. Somebody has a saggy diaper that leaks.

  8. yenjvoy

    Once she was ass queen of the world, and you could not find a photo of her below her waistline. Then Kim K happened, and now J Lo’s ass photos are a dime a dozen. Supply and demand at work.

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