1. Fredical

    You better wash that skank off your hands. It’s cunt-ageous.

  2. Those shoes do go nicely with her penis…

  3. BP

    Did the airlines lose her luggage?

  4. Nice belt..uh…top…wait, where are her boobs?

  5. EricLr

    Of course she’s in Miami. It’s not like she has a show to host or anything.

  6. The funniest thing here is her pretending to be a lady.

  7. So they’re holding Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 in Miami Beach this year? Thanks, Photo Boy!

  8. Bigalkie

    WOW.. This guy took a GIGANTIC step backwards. He is such a sucker for name recognition. He needs to get his eyes checked.

  9. are you there chelsea? it's me, tits.

    this bitch is annoying.

  10. She’s made me laugh on occasion but she’s just hideous here. wtf is with the man shoes, pant/skirt and tube top? Hello Hot Mess? It’s me, Chelsea.

  11. Kevin Morgan

    The real Yentel.

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