1. USDA Prime McBeef

    need audio to maintain erection.

  2. AC

    That’s about the prettiest opera dude I’ve ever seen. What is it, one o’ them castratos?

  3. She needs a lifting machine for them saggy tits.

  4. the shadow from the microphone stand really threw me for a minute.

  5. Cock Dr

    Nice witch costume….just in time for the winter holidays.

  6. broduh jenner

    and it’s hard to dance when you ain’t got no rack so shake it off

  7. cc

    I thought it was Fergie for a minute. Not Meth Fergie…former royal Fergie.

  8. Animal

    Her names sounds a bit like Lawrence Welk. But the similarities end there. He was much hotter.

  9. She looks great for her age! Oh wait, I thought that was Raquel Welch…Never mind.

  10. stranger tides

    busted ugly bitch.

  11. AnnaD.

    One of the best singers out there.

  12. wee todd

    I dare somebody to dump a bucket of water on her to see if she melts.

  13. katelah

    Nigel Tufnel, post-op

  14. Anderson Pooper

    Gravity is a cruel, cruel mistress.

  15. CanadiaDan

    I’m suddenly in the mood for pancakes.

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