1. USDA Prime McBeef

    When these PETA assholes give up on any sort of modern medicine, I’ll half acknowledge them.

  2. BP

    I think she is Alec Baldwins gf, he really could do sooooo much better….he’s fucking the help for crissakes!

  3. HollywoodOutsider


  4. Moo Cow Hunter

    No, no Hilaria! We only need you naked for the pictures and photoshop is not ready yet. Put that scarf back on!

  5. Animal

    Thoughts of vivisection crack me up, too.

  6. “And if you don’t buy these “Animal Friendly” products, then my husband will punch a dog.”

  7. PETA’s full of shit. Their intentions are good, but fuck ‘em.

  8. “What do you think of my wife’s Olivia Munn impression?”
    “Well, Alec…it certainly is Hilaria’s.”

  9. voice o' reason

    she’s a celebrity now just cuz she sucks Alec Bald?

  10. Biff

    Hahahaha….that’s absolutely Hilaria…ous.

  11. Bionic_Crouton

    PETA – Practically Everything Tastes Awful
    (and I’m a vegetarian)

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