1. gigos

    The walking dead

  2. catapostrophe

    She almost looks like that nice-looking brunette from that “Friends” show.

  3. Johnny P!

    The ol’ prankster behind her is about to step on the dragging end of the bungee cord that pulls her face back.

  4. Fredical

    Where do you get a Guy Fawkes mask without the goatee?

  5. She’s looking good for nearly 50. Still completely bangable.

  6. EricLr

    Does anyone have a bicycle pump?

  7. Her face isn’t hooked-on right.

  8. Someone Else

    No matter what you guys say, Margot Kidder has never looked better.

  9. “Friends” sucked, but she’s sexy.

  10. she needs to stop messing with her face NOW,

  11. Being married to David Arquette will do that to a woman!

  12. That’s one bulging beaver… your move John Hamm!

  13. Jade

    What’s wrong with her face? This pic looks like a bad photo-shopping.

  14. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Old dude behind her is sure excited about getting lucky

  15. da trut

    the martian’s lack of knowledge of human anatomy was obvious in their creation of a courteny cox replica

  16. Courtney, whatever you keep doing to your face, PLEASE STOP!! She’s 1 surgery away from JWoww territory.

  17. Buffalo Dick

    “Flyin into Los Angeles, Bringin in a couple of Keys… don’t check my bags, if you please, Mr. Customs Man”….

  18. MissJonsey

    Her face looks botoxed to hell. Not saying she doesn’t look good for 50 but she has some serious Kidman forehead in this picture, and some red on red glycolic action.

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