1. Apparently John Hamm has just texted her something.

  2. Moo Cow Hunter

    Love this girl. Beautiful, warm, stylish. And underneath it all a dirty little minx.

  3. Frank Burns

    She does this every time she stares at my crotch. Truth!

  4. evilstamos

    mmm… Dinklage!

  5. Very sexy woman.

  6. tlmck

    Clearly a case of goody bag lust.

  7. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Jackie, the blueberry flavored chewing gum, happily sloshed around in Alba’s mouth. Chomp chomp went her mouth, squeezing the chemical juices into her throat. Jackie was having the grandest time. She couldn’t believe her luck went her wrapper was opened and she realized her eater was the great actress Jessica Alba, star of such masterpieces as Good Luck Chuck and The Love Guru. Her films were always showing in the Filipino factory were Jackie was expertly assembled and now Jackie was in her heavenly mouth and she was here to stay. What’s that? Jessica performs a swift sucking movement? NOOOOOOOO! Holding on for dear life, Jackie couldn’t resist being spat out by the actress, onto the dirty London pavement. Why, Jessica, why? Thankfully a few minutes later, Pippa Middleton’s ass walked by and Jackie got stuck under her shoe. And they lived happily ever after. WTF DID I JUST WRITE?

  8. Joquin ingles

    Why is the woman with the glove in the foreground holding another gloved finger?

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